Don’t ask what you can for the algorithm but ask what your algorithm can do for you!

Hey Erwin ( who works at google),
You know how youtube’s algo suggests me stuff to watch. What is the goal of this algo? AND Can I influence this goal? Now I’m on premium there is no: “Make more money on video adds” goal. So would it be possible to have the algo suggest videos in a theme instead of mixing my suggested video’s like:  “how to rocket engines, new meditation from x, latest movies trailer, marvel info”. As u can see there is no real goal on this suggestion list other then to keep me engaged in to watching. Or maybe wild guessing that I am relax watching. 
BUT what if I could tell the algo: ” Teach me some portugees without me actually giving me a portuguese language learning video” . So the algo would suggest into my list of what it suggests now, a short subtitled in english marvel movie report in portuguese. The video would also have an icon in the thumbnail saying something like: “we think this video is relevant to one of your pre set goals” 
Or i can set a goal like ” i want to learn machine learning without actually doing a course.” 
Or I would like to become more productive. ( Now the algo should know suggesting ” getting more productive ” video’s is not gonna work for me/this type of user). 
What cambridge analytica is teaching us is that algo’s can find out how manipulable we are and with what.
Or the algo could suggest goals such as “You want relaxation and to go to bed. ( algo knows I’ve  been on the computer too long so it starts suggesting sleep meditation and its not giving me the typical: “5 things you should know to keep my pc safer”  stuff that it normally suggest.
For this to work you would wanna give the algo acces to my youtube history and it should find a way of know what my output is in life. ( Maybe the biggest challenge). Can google guess what my emotional value to the world is? Can it suggest what my value to other people is? Can google suggest what my purpose in life is? 
My cat knows what my purpose to her is: To give her cuddles and food.
Can google start to really own how much they can predict of my behaviour but also gives me some control back into my own hands?
Google could understand that we are all procratinators that need to tricked into doing the stuff that actually needs to be done.
Google could be that radically honest friend that gives you the feedback that will enable you to get some positive changes in your life.
Google could help me to get more ‘want to’s”  done in my life instead of me only realising my “have to’s”. This way the algo could ’trick/influence’ me into actually getting some work done. 
Could the algo detect that I am about to start giving tantra courses and help me by suggesting video’s that somehow make wanna me do it all by myself.
I would really love to talk to you more about this. It’s an area that really is underdeveloped/unknown and its something that can threaten google in the long term.
Are you interested. When you do have time? Or can you connect me with some one from youtube/google that deals with these core strategic kinds of things?

With Love,